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Black Horse Arsenal is the trade name of Confederated Arms, Inc., a female minority owned company. We were founded in 2009 to adapt the Russian Izhmash SVD Dragonov sniper rifle composite stock to the Romanian PSL designated marksman rifle (DMR), and manufacture high quality weapons as a company holding a Type 7 FFL.

Fully dressed Romanian PSL with Black Horse Arsenal Russian SVD composite stock (adjustable)

Confederated Arms is an outgrowth of Confederated Armor Systems, Inc.,, which was founded shortly after 9/11 to supply armor to major Department of Defense contractors at the early start of the war in Iraq when 9,000 HMMWVs were shipped in-theater with no armor.
Confederated Armor Systems composite armor consolidation stopping 7.62x54 Armor Piercing Incendiary (API) round at 2529 FPS in 15' of target, weighing less than 7 lbs per sq ft.

Confederated Armor's ballistic solutions are found on vehicles such as Force Protection's MRAP (pictured) where we provide ready to assemble steel armor body parts, composite armor spall liner, bullet proof glass, and other armor components. We also supply these and similar products for the HMMWV, Bradley, Styker, Abrams M1A, the Navy's CB90 Gun Boat, several military aircraft, and armored cockpit doors for the civilian Boing 737.

The Russian SVD composite stock Black Horse Arsenal adapts for the PSL began as a project in 2006 by Confederated Armor Systems with the objective to introduce an alternative to the original PSL wood stock.

As a defense contractor with relationships inside the US Military supply chain our original target market for our PSL stock was the Department of Defense in an effort to provide lighter and more durable furniture for the PSLs being supplied by the US to allied Iraqi Army.  

With a nationwide base of over a dozen partner companies, Confederated Armor's capabilities range from industrial steel fabrication, as seen in the 300,000 sq ft facility above, to intricate CNC machining, water jet cutting, injection molding, consolidating of composite materials and other manufacturing processes.


Black Horse Arsenal draws from these various resources to produce components for our stocks and focuses on assembly of these parts into finished product. As a US MIL-SPEC manufacturer our products demand rigorous quality, making it possible for us to offer a lifetime warranty.


In early 2009 Black Horse Arsenal moved into a larger facility and expanded it's stock operations to include contract manufacturing of private label firearms.



We grew weapons manufacturing in a matter of months to over 40 employees with capabilities of turning out 150 - 200 assault weapons per shift per day. Both our stock and firearms production were consolidated into one facility operating under the same management.


We take great pride in our attention to detail and build exceptional quality products. With an ongoing dedication to developing improvements and new products, our commitment to our customers is to offer exchange upgrades of existing products with our latest generation designs and a lifetime warranty to the original buyer with proof of purchase.
Our Russian Izhmash SVD Dragunov composite stock adaptation with forearm for the PSL is also available for the AK and all Kalsihnikov variants as a either fixed or expandable stock. Our stocks are installed with no modification to these weapons. It is considered US made by the ATF and counts as two 922r compliant parts.