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Vepr Forearm Installation

Posted by Administrator on 3/20/2015

The following assembly instructions are for both the Vepr Standard Gas Block Forearms and the Integrated Gas Block Forearms.  You will see in the images that both types of Veprs have been used to illustrate the assembly.

Step 1: Our Vepr forearm sets come packaged with the gas tube installed in the upper forearm and the front bracket preinstalled on the lower forearm.  The upper and lower forearms are zip tied together for shipping, so the 1st step after opening the package is to cut the zip tie.

Step 2: Start with striping your rifle by removing the dust cover, recoil spring, bolt carrier / bolt, gas tube and lower forearm.

Our lower forearm is designed to capture the front of the gas block with the bracket on the front and has a tab in the back that inserts into the lower front of your receiver under the front trunnion.

Place the back of the lower forearm over the barrel under the rear sight block, then place front of the lower forearm so the barrel is inside the bracket about half way up between the gas block and the front sight, and slide the lower forearm back so the rear tab inserts into the front of the receiver

Pull it tight against the front of the receiver so there is no gap.  The bracket in front will leave about .125 of the barrel surround on the gas block exposed when seated properly as seen in the following picture.

Step 3:  The lower forearm that came with your Vepr is held on by a screw that threads up into a bracket on the barrel right behind the gas block.  Veprs uses two different types of screws for this that both have extremely fine threads.  Youre going to reuse this screw and the hole in the lower forearm for this is predrilled.

To compensate for the difference in thickness of the original lower forearm and our composite one, you may have to use a Dremel cut off wheel or file to shorten the screw.  The front bracket on our lower forearm has a sling attachment, and if you remove the sling loop from the screw's metal escutcheon / standoff it also works well to raise the height of the screw and acts as a washer.

Its important to point out that because of its fine threads this screw can be easily stripped if it goes in crooked.  The Vepr like all Kalashnikovs is built to tolerances of +/- .060 and we drill the hole in a location that allows for a tight fit against the back of the screw in order to keep the lower forearm tight against the front of the receiver.  (See notes at bottom of page concerning this)

Step 4: Insert the front of the gas tube into the back of the gas block and lock in place with the eccentric cam lever. 



There are places where adjustments can be made to compensate for too tight a fit of the screw on our lower forearm and the upper forearm / gas tube.

Lower Forearm If the hole placement is too tight to allow the screw to thread straight in you may have to remove a very small amount of material from the back side of the hole using a round file or X-ACTO Knife, being careful not to remove too much or the lower forearm will be loose.

Gas Tube If its difficult to lock down the eccentric cam lever on your sight block after installing the upper forearm / gas tube, the following pictures illustrate where a file can be used to remove a little material from the back of the tube to correct this.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 541 359-1700541 359-1700!