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Flat Back Receiver Stock Installation

Posted by Administrator on 2/14/2015
   On a fixed stock start with Step 3 and work through Step 6.

Step 1: Flip lower expansion tube eccentric lock lever open.

Step 2: Insert Allen wrench into butt plate socket and turn counter clockwise to expand the stock two to three inches and expose tang bolt threaded nutsert on the bottom of the upper expansion tube.

Step 3: Put pressure with a finger on the tang bolt threaded nutsert so it doesn’t turn and remove bolt.  On the fixed stock the internal nutsert is secured in place so you just need to remove the bolt.

Step 4: Remove cap on bottom of grip.

Step 5: Remove the bolt inside the grip with the hex nut on it. The hex nut will be replaced by your gun’s “T” nut when doing the final assembly.

Step 6: Slide stock with trunnion adapter tight up against the back of the receiver and trigger guard then securely tighten the tang bolt.  (See notes at bottom of page concerning fitting the trunnion adapter to your receiver).

Step 6: Reinstall bolt going up through the grip into gun’s “T” nut and tighten securely, then reinstall grip cap.

Note: It is not necessary to separate the grip from the rear section of the stock for installation!  If you do screw the stock’s expansion mechanism all the way out and remove the front grip from the rear of the stock, be careful to not lose the serrated pressure pad.

If it comes out, open the eccentric lever all the way up and reposition it with the point of a pencil, making sure the serrated face is flush with the inner wall of the lower expansion tube.  The next step is to reinstall the grip's lower slide into the rear section of the stock.

Our trunnion adapter for this stock was originally designed for the Saiga-12 and will fit all flat back receiver Kalshnikovs, which include the Vepr, FPK, Sagia (Converted), etc.  Due to varying width of these different manufacturer’s receivers and receiver wall thickness, some minor filing or sanding on the trunnion adapter sides and bottom may be necessary to achieve the desired fit.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 541 359-1700!